At the presentation of the Apple Watch 9 family, Apple representatives paid a lot of attention to caring for the environment. They say the brand has now moved into the eco category, so in many modifications of Watch 9 the strap is made from eco-material Fine Woven, and recycled materials and 3D printed parts are used in the production of the case.

In technical terms, the family has acquired a new S9 mobile processor and a U2 broadband communication chip, which improves the quality of navigation and communication compared to U1-based models. For user convenience, the brightness of the built-in LTPO screen was raised to 2000 nits so that all information can be read normally even under the direct rays of the bright July sun.

Apple Watch 9 runs WatchOS 10 with a bunch of new watch faces, updated cycling and walking apps, and support for new gestures. Otherwise, these are the usual smart watches from Apple with an NFC chip, a huge number of built-in sensors, a case protected from dust and moisture (IP68), and also a not very long-lasting battery.

The eighth generation lineup includes classic versions of the Apple Watch with an aluminum case, the sporty Apple Watch 9 Nike, the stylish Apple Watch 9 Hermes with a strap and dial from the French fashion brand Hermes, as well as a premium version of the watch with a steel case. Dimensions - 41 or 45 mm. As has become common recently, some watches are equipped with a built-in LTE receiver with e-SIM, so they can be used for voice calls without being tied to an iPhone.