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Lighting & Electrical

Desk Lamps 10404 Light Bulbs 2251 Chandeliers & Lamps 139750 Floodlights & Garden Lamps 4305 Spotlights 1282 LED Strips 880 Surge Protectors & Extension Leads  Time Delay Relays  Household Switches 1995 Sockets 237 Smart Plugs  Socket & Switch Plates  Circuit Breakers 882 Contactors & Bistable Relays  Voltage Monitoring Relays  AVR  Car Inverters  UPS  Portable Power Stations  Generators  Frequency Inverters & Step-Down Transformers 
Variac Transformers 
Electricity Metres 
Outlet Splitters 
Electrical Wires & Cables 1792 Crimpers & Strippers 
Wire Detectors  Multimeters  Distribution Boxes 54
Travel Adapters 
Solar Panels 54 Solar Panel Inverters 4
Other electrical goods 3910

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