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How to choose a hair dryer?
Figure out what types of hair dryers exist, how they differ, what attachments should be included in the set
Hair straightener, curling iron, multi-styler: what are the differences?
Here is what types of styling devices exist, why they are needed and how they differ from each other
How to choose a hair clipper?
Basic factors and nuances of choosing a hair clipper
What to choose for beard shaving and trimming?
A short guide to the wide range of men's shaving and styling devices
How to maintain the hair clipper or trimmer
How to properly clean and oil the clippers
Immersion or countertop blenders – what is the difference and which is better?
For which tasks is it better to buy a countertop blender, and for which — an immersion one?
What kind of motors are there in hair dryers and what are their differences?
Popular types of hair dryer motors, their advantages and disadvantages
What to give a girl?
Note to guys: variable gift ideas for girlfriends