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Marking (classification) of the names of Philips & Saeco coffee machines
A detailed tour of the markings of one of the most popular manufacturers of coffee machines in the world
What kind of coffee machine do you need and how to choose it?
Understand the types of modern coffee machines and help with their selection
What is a smart home: functions, types, components and ecosystems
We understand what a smart home is, why it is needed and on the basis of which solutions to create it
Which heater to choose: pros and cons, comparison of different types
Choosing the type of heater, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the options offered today
Guide to key Xiaomi sub-brands
The Chinese corporation Xiaomi operates over two hundred subsidiaries.
What is Sous vide technology (sous vide) and is it needed in the home kitchen
Cooking homemade dishes "under vacuum" will expand the family menu and pleasantly surprise your guests
Formula for success: the cult series of Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers
A guide to all generations of Xiaomi's Mi Band line of legendary fitness bracelets