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Construction Power Tools

Heat Guns 101 Paint Sprayers 93 Tile Cutters 794 Plaster Mixers 46 Mixing Paddles 
Plate Compactors 37 Demolition Hammers 89 Hammer Drills  Cement Mixers 19 Wheelbarrows & Trolleys  Earth Augers 
Auger Drill Bits 21
Tape Measures 
Laser Measuring Tools 2700 Spirit Levels & Angle Measurers 871 Laser Measuring Tool Tripods 
Carpenter Squares & Rulers  Plumb Bobs & Chalk Lines 
Wall Chasers & Floor Saws 17 Wire Detectors 96 Cable Testers 
Thermal Imagers 
Glue Guns 103 Hot Glue Sticks 
Foam Dispensing Guns 70 Cartridge Guns 82 Staple Guns & Nailers 130
Power Shears & Nibblers 
Pyrometers 1679 Pipe Cutters 
Power Floats 
Concrete Vibrators 
Putty Knives & Painting Tools 932 Utility Knives  Safety Equipment 6938 Other for construction 36

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Screwdriver that can drill concrete: myth or reality
What does it take to drill a hole in the wall with a screwdriver? Which model should I choose for drilling concrete?
Noise levels of tools and construction equipment
The concepts of sound power and sound pressure, as well as the differences between them in fact
One battery for the whole tool: multi-platform battery series
The concept of using a universal battery for cordless tools is gaining momentum