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Testing the "popular" NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti in games
Although the RTX 3060 Ti is the youngest model in the family, it beats yesterday's leader RTX 2080 SUPER
The agony of choice: which is better, a gaming laptop or a full-fledged system unit?
We consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options in order to choose the most suitable option.
How fast RAM does your PC need?
Optimal RAM frequency for a specific processor and motherboard
What is CPU throttling, why is it needed and how to deal with it
We deal with the terrible term throttling, while simultaneously solving problems with a slowing down smartphone or laptop
Computer power supplies - how does it work?
After studying the theory, it will be easier to choose a BP in fact
Shine Bright: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PC RGB Lighting
We understand how the backlight appeared in the PC, how it is useful, and what synchronization systems are on the market