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How to choose a motherboard?
Motherboard is the main part of any computer. Here's how to choose the right one for work, play and entertainment
What is more profitable: a ready-made PC or assembled in parts?
Pros and cons of buying a ready-made PC and assembling the system unit yourself
How to choose a power supply for a PC
Basics of choosing a reliable and balanced power supply for your home, office and gaming computer
How to choose a graphics card?
Choosing a graphics card is an important step for improving gaming, graphics or video processing.
What is a synthetic benchmark and why is it needed?
How benchmarks are used to measure the performance of smartphones, laptops and other electronics
Which CPU cooler to choose?
Nuances of choosing a CPU cooler that guarantee safety, durability and quiet operation of the PC
NVMe, SSD or HDD: which is the best drive for a gaming PC?
Do gaming HDDs have the right for life and is it worth buying a fast NVMe SSD with PCI-E 4.0 support?