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Collaborations of well-known smartphone manufacturers and photo industry giants
In partnership with venerable manufacturers of photographic equipment, many smart camera phones have been released
How to choose a TV diagonal for the room and what resolution to choose?
Is it always worth taking a bigger TV? Perhaps 55" will be too much for a small room, but 32 is just right?
Camera Memory Card Guide
What memory cards are used in modern cameras and how do they differ? Let's figure it out
How to get through the winter: autonomous house
Autonomous sources of electricity, heat and hot water to comfortably get through the winter
Forewarned is forearmed! Types of sockets in different countries of the world
Sockets in the world differ not only in voltage, but also in the types of plugs for them.
Video games are the new cinema. And even more
Microsoft has proven that the future of the entertainment industry lies in the symbiosis of video games