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How to choose a graphics card?
Choosing a graphics card is an important step for improving gaming, graphics or video processing.
What to give your husband
Ideas for useful and pleasant gifts for your husband, taking into account his hobbies and preferences
VR guide: the best games, choosing a VR system and PC for it
A complete guide to immersing yourself in the world of virtual reality: from choosing equipment to top games
How to choose a gaming headphone
We understand the differences between regular and gaming headphones, tell you how to approach the choice of a headset wisely
What is a synthetic benchmark and why is it needed?
How benchmarks are used to measure the performance of smartphones, laptops and other electronics
Protect your laptop: choosing the best transportation method
We study all the nuances of transporting laptop and select accessories that will provide it with reliable protection
How to choose a CPU?
How to choose the right CPU for any task, from spreadsheets to modern games and work applications