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Powerful, Hot and Expensive: Ryzen 7000 Processor Review
Understanding the new Zen 4 architecture, socket AM5, DDR5 memory, and the Ryzen 7000 Raphael processors themselves
How to control household appliances from a smartphone
Which home electronics devices support remote control from a smartphone and what does it give in practice
Forewarned is forearmed! Types of sockets in different countries of the world
Sockets in the world differ not only in voltage, but also in the types of plugs for them.
Cooling fluids for cars: types, groups and colours of antifreeze
In accessible words about how antifreeze is classified and what their colours mean
Shine Bright: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About PC RGB Lighting
We understand how the backlight appeared in the PC, how it is useful, and what synchronization systems are on the market
Which heater to choose: pros and cons, comparison of different types
Choosing the type of heater, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the options offered today
Collaborations of well-known smartphone manufacturers and photo industry giants
In partnership with venerable manufacturers of photographic equipment, many smart camera phones have been released

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Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction Marble 31559Alexander Guardian 2318Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction Marble 31557MAGNETTA SZB0.34/8-40LAlexander Grasper 2312i-Tec USB 3.0 Metal HUB 1x USB 3.0 + 3x USB 2.0Orbegozo RMB2010Alexander Fighter 2323Numark Red Wave CarbonMAGNETTA SZB0.25/8-V30Orbegozo RMB1510Telefunken 40TF5450MAGNETTA SW2.0/8-500LOrbegozo RMB1010Elita Amigo 50 2D 165409Einhell Expert Plus TE-CD 18/50 Li-i BL (ZS 4.0Ah)SAECO GranAroma Deluxe SM6680/00MAGNETTA SW0.9/8-300LAlexander Explorer 2319MAGNETTA SW0.67/8-200LOrbegozo RMB1500Kuhn Rikon Easy Induction Marble 31555Actis TB-245YNActis KC-545Ri-Tec USB 3.0 Metal Charging HUB 7 PortOrbegozo RMB1000Alexander Diggy 2334REA Davis REA-P6356Actis TB-3520AOras Nova 7402UKuhn Rikon Easy Induction 31277Omnires PARMA SYSPM17ACRBActis TS-2250AOltens Sog Alling 36003100Oltens Driva 36007110