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MSI laptop Series: Prestige, Katana, Sword, Modern, Alpha, Creator and more
Let's take a closer look at the changes in the MSI product range to better understand which laptop is right for you
How to run BIOS on laptop or PC
Secrets and nuances of accessing BIOS firmware on PCs and laptops of different brands
How to choose juicer
Recommendations for choosing juicers for different products, for daily use or for home preservation
How not to make mistake - iPhone article numbers and their decoding
Manufacturer’s label contains information about iPhone model, device color and memory volumes
How to choose a car cooler
Having chilled food and drinks during the trip is an additional element of comfort for both the driver and passengers
How to choose a hob
Figure out what types of hobs exist, which coating is better and what to look for when buying one

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How E-Catalog works
Multifunctional service for searching goods at best prices

E-Catalog is multifunctional service for searching goods in online stores and comparing prices. It has wide variety of product categories: electronics, computers, household appliances, car products, DIY and construction equipment, camping equipment, childen's goods and much more. Our task is to help buyer quickly and conveniently find best offer.

For those who are still undecided, each category has useful filters and comparison tools. An efficient text search function enables category and specific product search by name. Each product page provides comprehensive information to aid your decision-making: description, technical specifications, photos and videos, useful links and reviews. You can also find block "Where to buy?" with online stores list, prices and direct links to purchase page.

E-Catalog system includes with more than 3,000 stores, showcasing 1.5 million products, with data being continually updated. This ensures you can select and purchase suitable product under most favourable conditions! Presently, we operate in various countries: Ukraine, Poland, USA, UK, and Kazakhstan, and we're persistently seeking to extend our reach.

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