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Interpretation of designations (marking) in Tamron lenses?
By abbreviations in the full name of the object, it is easy to find out all its ins and outs
Fuji Lens Marking Secrets
The combination of symbols in the name of the object reveals its entire background
Camera Memory Card Guide
What memory cards are used in modern cameras and how do they differ? Let's figure it out
How does autofocus work?
When it comes to focusing on sharpness when taking photos and videos, automation can be fully relied on
All about the Thunderbolt protocol
Let's figure out what the protocol from Apple and Intel is, why it is needed and why Thunderbolt is not the same as USB-C
Deciphering the designations of Sony lenses
Learning to read information about an object by abbreviations in its name
Panasonic and Olympus lens markings
We understand the designations on board optics compatible with Micro 4/3 format cameras
What to give a girl?
Note to guys: variable gift ideas for girlfriends