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Tokina lens markings
Armed with the transcription of abbreviations, you can learn everything about the object from its full name
Nikon lens markings
The symbols in the long name of the object will tell you almost everything about it
The life-giving power of voltage and current: the main types of batteries
Distinctive character traits, as well as advantages and disadvantages of running types of batteries
Camera Memory Card Guide
What memory cards are used in modern cameras and how do they differ? Let's figure it out
Does full frame decide? Should I buy a full frame camera?
Do I need to spend money on an expensive full frame or is it better to buy a cropped camera?..
Fuji Lens Marking Secrets
The combination of symbols in the name of the object reveals its entire background
Panasonic and Olympus lens markings
We understand the designations on board optics compatible with Micro 4/3 format cameras