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Privacy policy

1. Collecting information

We collect information when you register on the site, log in to your account, log out of your account. The information includes your registration e-mail (login).

In addition, we automatically register your computer and browser, including IP, hardware data, as well as the address of the requested page on our website.

2. Use of information

The information we receive from you may be used to:

  1. 2.1. Make the services meet your individual needs
  2. 2.2. Offer personalized advertising
  3. 2.3. Improve our website
  4. 2.4. Improve the customer support
  5. 2.5. To contact you by e-mail strictly in cases of a request from you to provide information about changing your password, lists of products selected by you, etc.

3. Personal data protection

We are the sole owner of the information collected on this website. Your personal data will not be sold or transferred in any way to third parties for any reason.

3.1. The right to delete data (the "right to be forgotten")

We respect the right of users to delete their personal data on our website and provide such an opportunity in their personal account. After deleting a user's profile, all data and statistics about him will be permanently deleted from our system.

3.2. Right to delete data of the associated Facebook profile

Facebook provides the possibility to delete your personal data in the client's personal account on our website, but also according to Facebook's privacy rules, we must provide a URL with instructions on how to delete the associated data from Facebook. If you want to delete your linked account, follow these steps:

  1. 3.2.1. Go to Settings and privacy of your Facebook account. Click "Settings".
  2. 3.2.2. Search for "Apps and Websites" and you will see all the apps and websites associated with your Facebook.
  3. 3.2.3. Find and click on "E-Catalog" to remove the Facebook profile from our site.

4. Reveal information to third parties

We do not sell, exchange or transfer personal data to third-party companies.

We are ready to share information in order to prevent crimes or help in their investigation, if we are talking about suspected fraud, actions that physically threaten the safety of people strictly in cases where it is provided by law.

Non-confidential and non-personalized information may be provided to other companies for marketing, advertising, etc.

5. Information protection

We use various security measures to ensure the safety of your personal data. The most modern encryption is at your service. E-Catalog also protects your data offline. Only employees who work with a specific task (for example, technical support or using a website) get access to personal data. Servers and computers on which confidential information is recorded are in a secure environment.

6. Use cookies

Our cookies are used to improve access to the site and identify repeat visits. In addition, they allow you to track the most interesting queries. Cookies do not transmit any confidential information.

To find out how we process «cookies», please check out our Privacy policy and cookie settings.

7. Approval

By using the services of our website, you automatically agree to our privacy policy.

8. Consent to the use of third-party services

Our site uses third-party services such as YouTube, Google, Facebook. When using our site, you also agree to the policy of these services. To get acquainted with the privacy policy of third-party services, follow the links below.