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Screwdriver that can drill concrete: myth or reality
What does it take to drill a hole in the wall with a screwdriver? Which model should I choose for drilling concrete?
Which screwdriver is better: 12V, 18V or 24V?
Why are cordless screwdrivers equipped with batteries with different voltages: from 10.8 V to 24 V? Which ones are better?
Noise levels of tools and construction equipment
The concepts of sound power and sound pressure, as well as the differences between them in fact
Which is better: drill, screwdriver or drill-driver?
We study the design features and specifics of the use of such similar, but still different types of power tools
Sparks, smoke, crunch and burning smell: what can break in a drill or screwdriver
We understand why drills and screwdrivers smoke, spew sparks, overheat, make strange sounds and work poorly
Screwdrivers and drills for dummies
Questions about drills and screwdrivers that beginners are embarrassed to ask more experienced craftsmen
What is the best screwdriver?
Among thousands of screwdrivers, you can find one that surpasses the rest in all respects. Or is it impossible?
One battery for the whole tool: multi-platform battery series
The concept of using a universal battery for cordless tools is gaining momentum