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Smart Home & Security

Intercoms 4 Door Phones 5 Doorbells 43 Access Control Systems 49 Electric Locks 
Exit Buttons 
Door Closers 
Turnstiles & Boom Barriers 
Surveillance Cameras 5355 DVR & NVR Recorders 22 Surveillance DVR Kits 80
Alarm Systems 
Security Sensors 195 GPS Trackers  Alarm Horns & Sirens 
Water Leak Detectors  Safes  Solar Collectors  Recuperators & Ventilation Recovery  Smart Plugs 2 AVR 
Wi-Fi Equipment  Powerline Adapters  UPS  NAS Servers  Fire Extinguishers  Other security and video 1226

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Forewarned is forearmed! Types of sockets in different countries of the world
Sockets in the world differ not only in voltage, but also in the types of plugs for them.
Marking of Hikvision surveillance cameras
As part of this article, we will focus on deciphering the "names" of Hikvision surveillance cameras
Guide to key Xiaomi sub-brands
The Chinese corporation Xiaomi operates over two hundred subsidiaries.
Digital Eyes: Where Are IP Surveillance Cameras Used?
Current generations of network cameras are notable for not a single video monitoring
What is a smart home: functions, types, components and ecosystems
We understand what a smart home is, why it is needed and on the basis of which solutions to create it