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Backpack Thule Paramount Backpack 27L 27 L
urban, 27 L, for laptop, side opening, reflective, pockets: top, front, lateral, on the back, 50x33x27 cm, weight 1180 g

Backpack Thule EnRoute Backpack 14L 14 L
urban, 14 L, for laptop, pockets: top, 27x20x44 cm, weight 730 g

Backpack OGIO Alpha Convoy 320 20 L
urban, 20 L, for laptop, reflective, pockets: front, lateral, 47x32x22 cm, weight 900 g

Backpack Brandit US Cooper Large 40 L
tactical / hunting / fishing, 40 L, pockets: front, lower, 52x30x32 cm

Backpack Brandit Kampfrucksack Molle 66L 66 L
tactical / hunting / fishing, 66 L, pockets: top, front, lower, lateral, 67x40x25 cm, weight 1200 g

Backpack Osprey Daylite Plus 20 L
outdoor activities, 20 L, for laptop, outlet for hydrator, pockets: front, 48x28x24 cm, weight 600 g

Backpack Deuter Aviant Access 55 55 L
for tourism (cabin), 55 L, without laptop compartment, RFID-protection, pockets: lateral, 64x36x22 cm, weight 1640 g

Backpack Deuter Go 25 L
urban, outdoor activities, 25 L, without laptop compartment, pockets: top, 46x30x21 cm, weight 590 g

Backpack Thule Accent 20L 20 L
urban, on a suitcase, 20 L, for laptop, pockets: top, front, 44x28x24 cm, weight 930 g

Backpack Deuter Giga 28 L
urban, 28 L, for laptop, reflective, pockets: front, 46x31x23 cm, weight 950 g

Backpack Thule EnRoute Backpack 21L 21 L
urban, on a suitcase, 21 L, for laptop, pockets: lateral, 30x22x47 cm, weight 720 g

Backpack Thule EnRoute Backpack 20L 20 L
urban, 20 L, for laptop, side opening, pockets: top, front, 30x21x45.5 cm, weight 880 g

Backpack Osprey Daylite Cinch Pack 15 L
sports, 15 L, without laptop compartment, outlet for hydrator, pockets: front, 41x24x19 cm, weight 300 g

Backpack Osprey Nebula 32 L
urban, 32 L, for laptop, pockets: front, 49x31x29 cm, weight 1000 g

Backpack Brandit US Cooper Medium 25 L
tactical / hunting / fishing, 25 L, pockets: front, lower, 45x24x26 cm

Backpack Thule Lithos Backpack 16L 16 L
urban, 16 L, for laptop, pockets: lateral, 28x20x42 cm, weight 650 g

Backpack Samsonite Guardit 2.0 17.3 27.5 L
urban, on a suitcase, 27.5 L, for laptop, pockets: top, front, lower, 48x32x21 cm, weight 820 g

Backpack Thule Construct Backpack 24L 24 L
urban, on a suitcase, 24 L, for laptop, pockets: front, lower, crab-pocket, 46x31x30 cm, weight 900 g

Backpack Deuter UP Seoul 26 L
urban, 26 L, for laptop, pockets: lower, lateral, 49х30х15 cm, weight 840 g

Backpack Lenovo Legion Armored Backpack II 17
urban, for laptop, pockets: front, on the back, 50.5x36x18 cm, weight 1558 g

Backpack Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming Modern Backpack
urban, on a suitcase, for laptop, Rolltop, pockets: front, 40x28x2 cm, weight 740 g

Backpack Thule EnRoute Backpack 23L 23 L
urban, on a suitcase, 23 L, for laptop, pockets: top, 29x25x46 cm, weight 910 g

Backpack Cabinzero Classic 36L 36 L
for tourism (cabin), 36 L, for laptop, pockets: front, 44x30x20 cm, weight 700 g

Backpack EVERKI Beacon 18 33 L
urban, 33 L, for laptop, pockets: front, lateral, 43x16x53 cm, weight 1600 g

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