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How to get through the winter: autonomous house
Autonomous sources of electricity, heat and hot water to comfortably get through the winter
How to use the generator: refueling, starting, running in and maintenance
Basic information about the operation of household mini-power plants
How to choose UPS battery
What are the UPS battery technologies, how to calculate their required capacity and correctly take into account the charging current?
Guide to key Xiaomi sub-brands
The Chinese corporation Xiaomi operates over two hundred subsidiaries.
Transparent TV, 3D laptop, interior speaker and other interesting announcements from CES 2024
Here's a look at the most interesting electronics innovations from the largest international exhibition CES 2024
How to choose UPS
Methods for choosing UPS for boiler, computer, refrigerator and other equipment
How to choose a surveillance camera?
Let's deal with the main factors of choosing cameras for home, office, store, warehouse, etc.
Choosing the right detergent: powders, pods, gel, etc.
What is the difference between powders, gels and pods, in what cases to use them and how to choose the right detergent