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How to control household appliances from a smartphone
Which home electronics devices support remote control from a smartphone and what does it give in practice
What is CPU throttling, why is it needed and how to deal with it
We deal with the terrible term throttling, while simultaneously solving problems with a slowing down smartphone or laptop
Summer show: all the announcements of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event
TSW headphones, a duo of smartwatches and a couple of flip phones with flexible screens
Collaborations of well-known smartphone manufacturers and photo industry giants
In partnership with venerable manufacturers of photographic equipment, many smart camera phones have been released
The life-giving power of voltage and current: the main types of batteries
Distinctive character traits, as well as advantages and disadvantages of running types of batteries
Apple's hottest: AirPods Pro 2 headphones, Watch 8 and Ultra smart watches, iPhone 14 lineup
TWS headphones, a trio of new Apple Watches and a quartet of smartphones from the iPhone 14 lineup