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Steam Deck: Everything you need to know about Valve's revolutionary handheld console
How convenient is it to play on Steam Deck, what games does it support, how much battery life and how much FPS?
Nintendo Switch: what is the reason for the resounding success and is it worth buying the console in 2022?
We recall how the Nintendo Switch was launched, we figure out why it is interesting and how relevant it is in 2022
What to choose - PS5 or Xbox Series X/S? nextgen battle
We deal with new generations of consoles: how powerful are they, what's new, which one to choose and is it worth buying now?
Video games are the new cinema. And even more
Microsoft has proven that the future of the entertainment industry lies in the symbiosis of video games
Xbox Series X vs Sony PlayStation 5: performance, gaming, cost
We are dealing with the results of both presentations and trying to understand which console we are waiting for more
Camera Memory Card Guide
What memory cards are used in modern cameras and how do they differ? Let's figure it out