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Computers with a Thunderbolt v4 port

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Thunderbolt v4

— the presence in the laptop of at least one port with Thunderbolt v4. The latest (as of mid 2022) version of this interface, like v3, uses a USB-C connector and has a theoretical maximum speed of 40 Gbps; however, this release introduced a number of important improvements. Among them: the ability to connect two 4K monitors to one connector in daisy chain mode, as well as the ability to work with Thunderbolt splitters in this mode; twice the data transfer rate when using the PCI-E interface (32 Gbps versus 16 Gbps in the previous version); guaranteed compatibility with USB4 peripherals; protection against DMA (direct memory access) attacks.
Desktop PC Apple Mac Studio 2022
  • процессор Apple M1 Max, процессор Apple M1 Ultra
  • RAM 32 ГБ - 128 ГБ
  • SSD
Apple Mac Studio 2022
Apple M1 Max 32 ГБApple M1 Max 24-Core512 GB $1,999.00 .. $2,149.00 
Apple M1 Max 32 ГБApple M1 Max 32-Core512 GB $2,199.00
Apple M1 Max 64 ГБApple M1 Max 24-Core512 GB $2,399.00
Apple M1 Max 64 ГБApple M1 Max 32-Core512 GB $2,599.00
Apple M1 Max 32 ГБApple M1 Max 24-Core1024 GB $1,969.00 .. $2,199.00 
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Thunderbolt v4
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Desktop PC Apple Mac mini 2023
  • процессор Apple M2, процессор Apple M2 Pro
  • RAM 8 ГБ - 32 ГБ
  • SSD
Apple Mac mini 2023
MMFJ3 new
Apple M2 8 ГБApple M2 10-Core256 GB $599.00 .. $698.00 
MMFK3 new
Apple M2 8 ГБApple M2 10-Core512 GB $799.00 .. $898.00 
MNH73 new
Apple M2 Pro 16 ГБApple M2 Pro 16-Core512 GB $1,299.00 .. $1,398.00 
MACMINM2-05 new
Apple M2 16 ГБApple M2 10-Core256 GB  out of stock
MACMINM2-09 new
Apple M2 24 ГБApple M2 10-Core256 GB  out of stock
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