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Zen+ Picasso CPU computers

AMD Zen+ Picasso (3rd Gen)

— the third generation of AMD processors (counting from the moment the Zen microarchitecture was released), it is also the second generation built on the improved Zen + microarchitecture. The latter was introduced in April 2018; its key update was the reduction of the manufacturing process from 14 nm to 12 nm. At the same time, the number of transistors and the dimensions of the circuit remained the same, and the manufacturer used the reduction in size to increase the distance between individual elements, due to which it was possible to increase performance without increasing heat dissipation; and power consumption, compared to the original Zen, even decreased. Another feature introduced within this architecture is the ability to adjust the clock frequency depending on the load on the processor.

Specifically, the code name "Picasso" combines mainly hybrid chips from the Ryzen 3 and Ryzen 5 series (see "Processor"). Among PCs based on such CPUs, there are both gaming and multimedia models, as well as general-purpose solutions related to the middle level.
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