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Zen2 Matisse CPU computers

AMD Zen2 Matisse (3rd Gen)

— AMD processors, formally third generation since the release of the Zen microarchitecture (like the earlier Picassos), but built on Zen2 (and not Zen +, like its predecessors). One of the key updates introduced in this microarchitecture was a decrease in the manufacturing process from 12 to 7 nm — and, accordingly, an increase in performance without increasing TDP. Another interesting feature is that some CPUs use two "chiplets" (separate blocks for several cores each) at once, using one I / O crystal. Due to this, initially in the top Matisse models, the number of cores reached 12, and it is technically quite possible to create 16-core solutions within the framework of this code name. However, there are models with one chiplet.

As for the series, the Matisse code name can include processors from all Ryzen families, as well as high-performance solutions from the EPYC series.
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