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VESA mount

— VESA wall mount compatible computers.

Structurally, such a mount is a rectangular plate with four bolt holes in the corners. The plate may have a different size, depending on the weight of the device being fixed. Initially, the VESA standard was created for TVs and monitors, but among PCs, such mounts are found not only in monoblocks with their own screens (see "Type"), but also in compact nettops. This is due to the fact that the latter are small in size and weight, which makes it possible to hang such a device on the wall without much difficulty.

In general, wall placement is convenient mainly in cases where it is impossible or difficult to install a computer on a table. On the other hand, such situations are not so common, and the wall mounting itself is associated with additional troubles. Therefore, there are few VESA mount configurations on the market.
Desktop PC Gigabyte BRIX Comet Lake-U
  • Intel processor
  • RAM sold separately
  • Windows
Gigabyte BRIX Comet Lake-U
Core i310110Usold separatelyUHD Graphics 620  $385.72
Core i510210Usold separatelyUHD Graphics 620  $607.00
Desktop PC Intel NUC
  • Intel processor
  • RAM 2 ГБ / sold separately
  • Windows, no OS
Intel NUC
Core i37100Usold separatelyHD Graphics 620  $280.00 .. $332.00 
VESA mount
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