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Computers with USB-C 3.1 gen1

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USB C 3.2 gen1

— the presence of at least one USB-C 3.2 gen1 connector (previously labeled USB-C 3.1 gen1 and USB-C 3.0) on the back of the PC.

USB-C was created as an improvement on the classic USB plug: it is noticeably smaller and has a reversible design that allows you to connect the plug in either direction. And the designation 3.2 gen1 means that in terms of its capabilities this connector corresponds to USB version 3.2 gen1 — that is, it supports speeds up to 4.8 Gbps. In modern PCs, there is also a more advanced version of this interface — USB-C 3.2 gen2 (see the relevant paragraph); however, for many devices with a USB-C plug, version 3.2 gen1 is sufficient.

It is also worth noting that the rear location of the USB port is convenient for peripherals that need to be constantly connected; for frequent connection and disconnection, front placement is more convenient (see "Connectors (front panel)").
Desktop PC Intel NUC
  • Intel processor
  • RAM 2 ГБ / sold separately
  • Windows, no OS
Intel NUC
Core i37100Usold separatelyHD Graphics 620  $280.00 .. $332.00 
USB C 3.2 gen1
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