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Computers with Face ID

Face scanner (FaceID)

— a system capable of recognizing a user by their face. Note that in this case, we mean not just recognition by the image from a conventional camera, but the use of a special scanner with IR illumination. Such a scanner works with a three-dimensional model of the face and takes into account many individual features, which ensures high accuracy and reliability: the system is not misled either by the turns and tilts of the head, or even changes in appearance, such as changing hairstyles or facial hair. As a result, modern FaceID systems give fewer errors than even fingerprint scanners. However, such systems also have weaknesses: this is primarily the recognition of twins, as well as children under 13-14 years old, who still have relatively few individual facial features.

As for the application, the main purpose of FaceID is to authorize the user when logging into the system and various accounts, when making payments, etc. However, the data from the scanner can be used for other purposes, sometimes quite original — for example, to animate a three-dimensional muzzle on screen that mimics the user's facial expressions. The scanner itself makes sense to install only near the screen, so such systems are found exclusively in monoblocks (see "PC type").
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