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HDD+Fusion Drive computers

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HDD+SSD Fusion Drive (2 drives)

— a kind of "HDD + SSD" bundle (see the relevant paragraph), used exclusively in Apple computers and optimized for the proprietary "OS" macOS. However, it would be more correct to compare this option with the “HDD + Optane” combination (also described in its paragraph): for example, both drives are perceived by the system as a single unit, and the Fusion Drive module is also used as a high-speed cache for the hard drive. However, there are also significant differences. Firstly, Fusion Drive has significant volumes and is used not only as a service buffer, but also as part of a full-fledged drive — for permanent data storage. Secondly, the total volume of the entire bundle approximately corresponds to the sum of the volumes of both drives (minus a couple of "service" gigabytes).

In general, this type of drive is expensive, but the efficiency and convenience are well worth the price.
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