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Computers with a Thunderbolt v2 port

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Thunderbolt v2

— the presence of at least one Thunderbolt v2 connector on the back of the PC.

Initially, Thunderbolt is a universal interface used mainly in Apple technology. It can be used both as a common peripheral connector (similar to USB) and as a video output; in this case, the video is output according to the DisplayPort standard (see the relevant paragraph). And Thunderbolt version 2 also uses a connector identical to miniDisplayPort, so that screens under miniDisplayPort can be connected directly to such ports, without the use of adapters. The data transfer rate in this version reaches 20 Gbps; this is a very solid indicator, but Thunderbolt v2 is gradually being replaced by the even more advanced Thunderbolt v3 (see the relevant paragraph).
Desktop PC Apple iMac 27" 5K 2015
  • display 27 "
  • Intel processor
  • RAM 8 ГБ
Apple iMac 27" 5K 2015
MK462 Core i565008 ГБRadeon R9 3801000 GB $699.99
MK482 Core i566008 ГБRadeon R9 3952000 GB $910.00
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