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Skylake (6th generation)

— skylake is the successor to the Intel Broadwell microarchitecture, released in August 2015. It represents a further improvement of the 14nm process, offering, among other things, support for SATA Express, Thunderbolt 3, Iris Pro graphics with Direct 3D 12.1, as well as traditional improvements in speed and reliability. Skylake processors are compatible with two types of RAM — DDR3 and DDR4, but it was decided to abandon the VGA video standard starting from this generation.

Note that this item includes both the original Skylake chips and high-end Skylake-X processors (including the Refresh edition), designed primarily for workstations and systems of advanced enthusiasts (although Skylake-X is formally referred to as the 7th generation, and "refresh" — generally to the 9th). Of the features of Skylake-X, it is worth noting support for quad-channel RAM, the absence of integrated graphics and a specific cache hierarchy that differs from the original Skylake.
Desktop PC Apple iMac 27" 5K 2015
  • display 27 "
  • Intel processor
  • RAM 8 ГБ
Apple iMac 27" 5K 2015
MK462 Core i565008 ГБRadeon R9 3801000 GB $699.99
MK482 Core i566008 ГБRadeon R9 3952000 GB $910.00
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