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Dual compressor refrigerators

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Refrigerators with 2 compressors

— the compressor is a kind of "heart" of the refrigerator — a pump that circulates freon through the cooling circuits and transfers heat from the contents to the outside.

It makes sense to provide 2 compressors only in models for several chambers. This feature, by definition, means that the unit is equipped with several cooling circuits, with all the advantages of such a design (for more details, see "2 cooling circuits"); with 2 compressors adding some more benefits to this list. Firstly, the accuracy of temperature control increases, since the circuits on different pumps are practically independent of each other in this regard. Secondly, the compressors can be turned off individually, which makes it easier to defrost, wash and do other maintenance without having to unload the entire refrigerator. Thirdly, even if one pump fails, the second one remains operational and continues to maintain the climate in the corresponding chamber (chambers).

At the same time, such advantages are not often decisive, and an additional compressor, usually, greatly affects the cost of the unit. Therefore, there are few refrigerators for 2 compressors nowadays, mainly premium models.
2 compressors
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Fridge Bosch B36CL80SNS stainless steel
Bosch B36CL80SNS stainless steel
Type:French door, three-chamber, Full No Frost
Volume:fridge 410 L, freezer 170 L
Compartments:fresh zone (zero chamber), bottle rack, ice maker
Noise level:40 dB
Dimensions:183x90.5x61 cm
Price from $3,329.00
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