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Makita HS7611

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Maki Handkreissäge 66 mm HS7611
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Makita HS7611
without case (bag)case (bag), 230 В, Makpac
Product typecircular
Power sourcemains (230 V)
Engine locationtransversely
Power1600 W
No load blade speed5500 rpm
Cutting equipment
Bar/blade size190 mm
Bore diameter30 mm
Cutting depth65 mm
Cutting depth (45° angle)45 mm
Saw angle45 °
In boxsaw blade
Noise level106 dB
Size311x240x261 mm
Weight3.9 kg
Added to E-Catalogmarch 2018
Model HS7611 comes without accessories, model HS7611K comes with a regular case, and model HS7611J comes with a Makpac case

Powerful and lightweight portable circular (circular) saw for fast cutting of hard materials. It is positioned as a product of the middle price category in 2018, focused on active professional use. It is an improved version of the popular Makita HS7601 model, from which it differs by significantly increased power, increased saw blade speed, higher cutting speed and reduced weight.

Made according to the classical scheme with a transverse engine. At the same time, the drive power reaches an impressive 1600 W, and the rotation speed reaches 5500 rpm. The Makita HS7611 Portable Circular Saw can cut any kind of wood, plywood, chipboard and fibreboard, chipboard, sandwich panels, laminate, thermoplastic polymers and some non-ferrous metals. Designed for discs with a size of 190 mm with a seat diameter of 30 mm.

Equipped with a rigid cast aluminium sole, due to the small mass of which the weight of the Makita HS7601 saw is only 3.9 kg. Has comfortable handles with vibration-absorbing rubber coating. The motor is reliably protected from dust and equipped with a durable support bearing. The maximum cutting depth is 65 mm for straight cuts. When working at an angle of 45°, the cutting depth reaches 45 mm. Equipped with a 2.5 m double insulated electric cable. It is completed with a saw disk, a parallel emphasis and a branch pipe for connection of the vacuum cleaner.

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