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Makita SP6000J

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Makita SP6000J 6-1/2" Plunge Circular Saw with Stackable Tool Case and 194

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Makita SP6000J
Product typecircular
Typememory capacity
Power sourcemains (230 V)
Engine locationtransversely
Power1300 W
No load blade speed6400 rpm / 2200 – 6400 rpm /
Cutting equipment
Bar/blade size165 mm
Bore diameter20 mm
Cutting depth56 mm
Cutting depth (45° angle)38 mm
Saw angle48 °
Featuressoft start
electronic motor protection
speed controller
speed control
In boxsaw blade
case (bag)
Noise level103 dB
Cable length4 m
Size341x225x250 mm
Weight4.4 kg
Official Websitemakita.nl
Added to E-Catalognovember 2017
Cast sole. Turnover adjustment. Maintaining momentum. Smooth start. Case.

Plunge saw with 1300 W motor. It is intended for performance of the works demanding especially exact cut (for example, on furniture productions). The tool is distinguished by a high speed of disk rotation and the possibility of its adjustment (in the range of 2200 - 6400 rpm). The Makita SP6000J circular saw is also equipped with speed control and soft start functions. The design of the tool provides high precision settings and adjustments. It has a wide and durable sole (cast from aluminium alloy) that can tilt from -1° to 48°. The shape of the sole allows you to work with a guide bar (it is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately). The saw is designed to work with discs with a diameter of 165 mm. This tool comes with a case.

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Features of the package:
  • Model SP6000 — shipped without case
  • Model SP6000J — Supplied with Makpac case

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