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Mechanical treadmills

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— the simplest and most unpretentious type of treadmills: during training, the athlete himself moves the canvas, pushing off from him with his feet. There are no additional devices such as electric motors or magnets, the load level changes solely by changing the inclination of the web. Mechanical treadmills give increased stress on the legs; this can be useful for intense workouts, but people with foot problems need to be careful. In addition, additional functions in such simulators are usually at a minimum, and there is no talk of any programs. On the other hand, mechanical models are inexpensive, and all their electronics are powered by batteries, which makes this type independent of sockets and allows you to use it even in the absence of external power.
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Treadmill Assault Fitness AirRunner
Assault Fitness AirRunner
Load system:mechanical
User weight:up to 159 kg
Canvas:177x43.5 cm
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