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Night vision devices with a helmet-mask

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Helmet mask included

— the presence of a helmet-mask in the NVD delivery set — equipment that allows you to mount the device on your head, leaving your hands free. Such equipment looks like a system of hoop and belts, and in most cases it can be used with headgear without much inconvenience. Many devices that are not equipped with helmet-masks provide the possibility of mounting on it; but if the device is planned to be worn on the head, buying a model with a helmet-mask in the kit is usually easier than buying additional equipment separately.
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Night Vision Device Yukon Spartan 1x24
Yukon Spartan 1x24
Module:ПНВ, image intensifier generation I
Overview:detection before 80 m, increase 1 x
Lens:24 mm
Power supply:autonomy 20 h, battery 1xCR123
Price from $181.20
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