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Night vision devices with invisible radiation spectrum

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Invisible radiation spectrum

— this function is indicated for night vision devices equipped with IR emitters (see the relevant paragraph) with a wavelength of at least 800 nm. A shorter wavelength leads to the fact that the emitter captures part of the visible spectrum during operation; to the naked eye, this looks like a dim red light, which, however, can be clearly seen in the dark, giving away the user's location. Therefore, if both the presence of an IR emitter and the ability to remain invisible when using the device are important to you, you should choose a device with an invisible spectrum.
Night Vision Device Yukon Signal N340RT
Yukon Signal N340RT
Overview:detection before 300 m, increase 4.5 x
Lens:28 mm
Power supply:autonomy 3 h, battery 4xAA
Night Vision Device Yukon NV 5x60
Yukon NV 5x60
Module:ПНВ, image intensifier generation I
Overview:detection before 180 m, increase 5 x
Lens:60 mm
Power supply:autonomy 72 h, battery 1xCR123
Price from $223.20
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