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Godox LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel
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Godox LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel
Be empowered to create stunning visuals with the LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel from Godox. This compact 18 x 16" fixture is equipped with advanced RGBWW technology, allowing you to swiftly adjust the color temperature from a warm 2500K to a cool 10,000K. With the ability to dim the light from 0 to 100% throughout its CCT range, you can achieve precise lighting control. Boasting high CRI/TLCI ratings of 96, the LDX100R is a testament to superior color rendering accuracy. This makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking to capture true-to-life colors in their photography or videography projects. The panel emits a soft light, perfect for video use, and comes with 14 special effects to add a touch of realism to your shoots.The LDX100R offers flexibility in control options. You can make adjustments directly on the unit, remotely with an optional wireless remote control, or conveniently from your smartphone via an app. This LED light panel is capable of outputting up to 4620 lux at a distance of 3.3' and a color temperature of 5600K, while drawing a maximum of 118W of power.Powering the LDX100R is a breeze. It comes with an AC adapter for wall socket connection, and for those who need to take their lighting setup outdoors, the panel can be powered by a separately available V-mount battery. Designed to illuminate your creative vision, the LDX100R offers access to millions of color combinations. You can easily switch between CCT and FX modes with a short press of the built-in analog dials, allowing you to quickly select and customize the intensity or lighting effect. The LDX100R RGB LED Light Panel also comes with a carry bag, making storage and transportation hassle-free. With the LDX100R, you're not just buying a light panel, you're investing in a versatile tool that can elevate your photography and videography projects to new heights.
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