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Godox LC30D 33W Litemons Tabletop LED Light

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox LC30D 33W Litemons Tabletop LED Light
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Godox LC30D 33W Litemons Tabletop LED Light
What sets the LC30D 33W Litemons Tabletop LED Light apart is its powerful yet compact design, making it an ideal companion for tabletop shooting. This bright, versatile light source is designed to enhance your photography and videography projects, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.The compact size of the LC30D, measuring just 76x76x92mm and weighing a mere 299g, makes it incredibly portable. Despite its small size, this high-quality LED light delivers a potent beam, perfect for illuminating every detail in your product photography or adding depth to larger subjects.The LC30D is equipped with a collapsible diffusion dome, providing soft, variable lighting effects that can transform your tabletop live streaming sessions. Whether you're showcasing clay figure DIY, succulent plant potting, jewelry displays, or smartphone teardowns, this LED light ensures your content shines.One of the standout features of the LC30D is its handheld flexibility. With the grip and battery box included in the accessory kit ML-AK, you can easily manipulate the light to illuminate your subjects from unique angles, bringing your creative ideas to life.The LC30D also boasts a high CRI/TLCI rating of 95+/96+, ensuring natural and faithful color rendering in both live streaming and product photography. This LED light offers a daylight-balanced 5600k lighting option, providing a pure intensity choice for accurate color representation.Adding to its versatility, the LC30D features eight special FX light effects, including three types of flash, three storm effects, broken bulb, and TV. These effects open up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with different lighting scenarios at no extra cost.Finally, the LC30D offers dual power supply options. You can run it with an AC adapter or two optional NP-F970 batteries, extending its flexibility to meet various shooting requirements. Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, the LC30D 33W Litemons Tabletop LED Light is a durable, high-quality lighting solution that adapts to your needs.
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