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Godox UL150 II Bi-Color Silent LED Video Light UL150IIBI

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox UL150 II Bi-Color Silent LED Video Light UL150IIBI
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Godox UL150 II Bi-Color Silent LED Video Light UL150IIBI
Be Innovative, Be Optimal
The Godox innovative fanless cooling lights have evolved to bring you an extraordinary lighting experience. Based on the silent cooling design, they were upgraded with an advanced control box, added with a bi-color option, and designed with DMX control, FX effects, and all the ergonomic details. The elaborate cooling system allows for efficient and reliable heat-dissipation without built-in fans, making the recording process absolutely silent. Top-notch Control Box
The all-in-one control boxes are designed with professionals in mind. The intuitive interface, versatile power supply system, and the special clamp for secure and convenient installation make the UL150II UL&150IIBi virtually flawless workhorses in creation. Optional Color Temperature
The 150W silent LED lights come with a bi-color option, letting you adjust smoothly between warm and cool white to match the ambiance for a natural look in different shooting environment.  Reliable Color Fidelity
The UL150II and UL150IIBi render light with superior color fidelity, presenting the vivid and vibrant image quality that saves your time and energy for post-production. Build-in FX Effects
Various build-in FX effects come to the UL150II and UL150IIBi allowing you use the lights to simulate the cinematic scenarios in a breeze. Multiple Control Methods
In addition to the intuitive on-board control, the UL150II and UL150IIBi also feature DMX control, remote control with RC-A6, and Godox Light app control, giving you maximized freedom and utmost efficiency to control the lights. Scientific Dimming
Four optional dimming curves catering to the output behavior of different settings will help to get the best lighting effect more efficiently. Unlimited Compatibility
Equipped with the Bowens Mount, both the UL150II and UL150IIBi are widely compatible with a series of light shaping systems, providing unlimited possibilities to create whatever lighting effects needed in your creation.
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