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Godox LDX50Bi 65W Bi-Color LED Light Panel

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox LDX50Bi 65W Bi-Color LED Light Panel
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Godox LDX50Bi 65W Bi-Color LED Light Panel
It's time to illuminate your creative vision with the LDX50Bi 65W Bi-Color LED Light Panel from Godox. This versatile and high-quality light panel is designed with a detachable diffuser, providing you with the creative freedom to tailor your lighting setup to each unique scene. Whether you choose to install or remove the diffuser, you can count on consistent output and color stability for a seamless shooting experience, even during extended use.Constructed with a robust metal casing, this durable LED light panel ensures long-term usage. The innovative design increases the heat dissipation area, allowing for superior heat management without the need for fans. This means you can enjoy a silent shooting environment, free from noise interference caused by lights, and maintain uncompromised audio quality.The LDX50Bi LED Light Panel is not just about power and durability; it's also about optimizing your workflow. With a convenient preset function, you can save and recall various parameters such as brightness and color temperature. This feature reduces the need for manual adjustments, saving you time and enhancing efficiency.Designed with the needs of photographers in mind, this bi-color LED light panel comes preconfigured with five commonly used color temperatures. Switch effortlessly between sunlight at 5600k, golden hour at 3200k, and more, with a simple press of the CCT/FN dial.The LDX50Bi LED Light Panel offers flexible control options, including on-board control, remote control, and the Godox Light app. Adjust brightness, color temperature, and other parameters without needing to be close to the fixture. This effortless control not only saves time but also improves efficiency.Power your lighting your way with three power supply options: NP-F/V-mount battery (optional purchase), and DC power. Whether you prioritize the portability of a lithium battery or the stability and durability of DC power, the LDX50Bi LED Light Panel can meet your needs and support your shooting process. This portable and adjustable LED light panel is your ideal companion for on-the-go photography and videography.
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