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Split ring wrenches


— split wrenches outwardly resemble a cross between open-end and ring wrenches (see the relevant paragraph). So, the working part of the tool also has characteristic "horns" covering the fastener during operation; however, the inner edges of the "horns" are not parallel, but bent towards each other, and the working profile has the shape of the letter O, from which a fragment was cut out (hence the name). Due to this shape, the key must be put on the fastener from above, as when working with a cap tool. On the other hand, the cut allows the use of such wrenches with pipe and hose nuts, where cap models are not applicable. And the density of contact with fasteners is obtained, although somewhat lower than in box wrenches, but noticeably higher than in open-end wrenches.

Among other things, split wrenches are widely used in the repair of cars and other similar equipment — for tightening fixing nuts in hydraulic systems, fuel and oil lines, such a tool is considered almost perfect.
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