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Open end wrenches


— traditional open-end wrenches, the working part of which looks like characteristic "horns". The inner edges of the “horns” in such tools are parallel to each other along the entire length, so that the profile is shaped like a U. This is probably the most popular type of wrench due to its ease of production and ease of use. In terms of density of contact with fasteners, open-end wrenches are inferior to split wrenches, and even more so ring and end wrenches, but they have an important advantage: the tool is brought to the fastener from the side, which allows you to work with pipelines, hoses and other parts where the same ring wrenches and other similar wrenches are simply inapplicable. In addition, if the nut or bolt head is in a hard-to-reach place, the open-end wrench can be turned along the axis of the fastener and rotated like a screwdriver, catching the edges of the “horns” on the edges of the fastener.
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