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Parrot Anafi (PF728000)

Photos - Drone Parrot Anafi
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Parrot Propellers for ANAFI USA Drone, Set of 8 #PF070320

Delivery: to Ashburn
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Parrot Anafi
Flight:up to 25 min, speed 55 km/h
Filming a video:1920x1080 pix 60 fps, 3840x2160 pix 30 fps
Camera:gimbal for stabilization, camera stabilization, gimbal installation
Dimensions:315x241x64 mm, foldable
Weight:315 g
4K camera with 3-axis hybrid gimbal. USB-C port with Power Delivery support. Positioning GPS/GLONASS. Case and controller included. When folded — 218x69x64 mm.
In live video streaming mode in 720p resolution. The controller supports devices up to 6". Follow Me mode is purchased separately in the app.

A balanced 2021 portable foldable camera quadcopter capable of recording high-quality UltraHD/4K HDR video at up to 30 fps. Thanks to its small overall dimensions when folded and its modest weight (315 g), it will easily fit into a medium-sized bag or backpack. Equipped with a motorized and stabilized gimbal (full-fledged 3-axis mechanical stabilization), high-quality optics with a viewing angle of 69 ° and a solid 21 MP CMOS sensor with a size of 1: 2.4".

up to 100 Mbps, and 10-bit colour depth captures up to a billion shades, preserving the finest details.The Parrot Anafi quadcopter can also capture detailed 21 MP photos, which can be saved in JPG or RAW (Adobe DNG) formats with impressively large dynamic range.Special mention should be made of excellent flight characteristics, which allow reaching an impressive speed of up to 55 km/h and climbing to great heights.The digital control system ensures the capture and accurate automatic tracking of moving objects.The drone is equipped with a backlight, an improved system of optical sensors that recognize obstacles on a large distance and satellite module navigation. With a standard 2S battery, it can stay in the air for up to 25 minutes. Charges via universal USB-C port.

All specifications
Specifications Anafi
Maximum flight time25 min
Horizontal speed55 km/h / 15 м/с /
Camera typebuilt-in
Matrix size1/2.4"
Number of megapixels21 MP
Photo resolution5344x4016 px
Full HD filming (1080p)1920x1080 pix 60 fps
Ultra HD (4K)3840x2160 pix 30 fps / 100 Mbps /
Viewing angles69° / when shooting video /
Camera stabilization
Mechanical stabilizer suspension
Camera with remote control
FPV live streaming
Memory card slot / microSD до 128 ГБ /
Flight modes and sensors
Flight modesreturn "home"
Follow me (tracking)
Dronie (distance)
Orbit mode (flying in a circle)
Helix (spiral flight)
flyby GPS points
SensorsGPS module / GLONASS /
Control and transmitter
Controlremote control only
Range4000 m
Radio frequency2.4 and 5.8 GHz
Smartphone mount
Remote control power sourcebattery
Motor and chassis
Motor typebrushless
Number of screws4 pcs
Foldable design
Battery capacity2.7 Ah
Voltage7.6 V
Battery model2S
Batteries in the set1 pcs
USB charging / USB C /
Body backlight
Dimensions315x241x64 mm
Dimensions (folded)218x69x64 mm
Weight315 g
Official Websiteparrot.com
Added to E-Catalogdecember 2018

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Additional features drone Parrot Anafi:
  • Controller battery capacity 2.5 Ah, working potential 2.5 h (Android), 5.5 h (iOS)
  • Hyperlapse and Slow-Motion shooting modes
  • Controlled by FreeFlight 6 app
  • Anafi — Carrying case, spare screws, 16 GB memory card, Skycontroller 3, battery, USB cable
  • Anafi FPV — standard equipment (instead of a backpack case) + FPV goggles
  • Anafi Work — Standard + 3 Extra Batteries, Multiple Battery Charger, Pix4Dcapture 3D Modeling Software Subscription
  • Anafi Extended — Standard + 2 Extra USB Cables, 2 Extra Batteries
  • Anafi Thermal — Standard (Instead of a standard camera, a thermal camera) + 3 additional USB cables, 2 additional batteries, tablet holder
  • Lossless digital zoom up to 2.8x (FHD) and 1.4x (4K)
  • Sensor — 1/2.4" Sony CMOS
  • Aperture — f / 2.4
  • ISO — 100-3200
  • Focal length — 23-69 mm (photo), 26-78 mm (video)
  • Camera tilt angle — from -90° to +90°
  • Photo resolution — 5344 × 4016 and 4608 × 3456 (for 8 MP)
Video recording:
  • 4K — 4096x2160p (24 fps)
  • UHD — 3840x2160p (24, 25, 30 fps)
  • FHD — 1920x1080p (24, 25, 30, 48, 50 fps)
3-Axis Hybrid Stabilization:
  • Mechanical — 2-axis
  • Electronic (EIS) — 3-axis

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