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Koss QZ-99

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Koss QZ-99
Connection and design
Designoverhead, closed
full size Over-Ear
Connection typewired
Connectionmini-Jack (3.5 mm)
Jack (6.35 mm)
Cable supplysingle-sided
Cable length2.4 m
Cable typeround coiled
Impedance60 Ohm
Frequency range40 – 20000 Hz
Sensitivity102 dB
Emitter typedynamic
Volume control
Weight425 g
Added to E-Catalogmarch 2006

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Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Stereophone Standard PackagingBlack QZ99

Passive Noise Reduction Headphones.Connectivity Technology: Wired Neodymium Magnet Structures Deliver Outstanding Clarity &... moreDefinition Closed Pneumalite(Tm) Ear Cushions & Extra Secure Headband Seal Ears, Eliminate All Ambient Noise Volume Control On Ear Cup Allows Easy Level Adjustment Stereo/Mono Switch Extends User Flexibility Passive noise reduction stereophone system isolates listener from ambient sounds Volume control on earcup for easy level adjustment Ideal for use with racing scanners and metal detectors Stereo/mono switch for added flexibility Single-entry, 8-foot coiled cord
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KOSS Black QZ-99 Circumaural Headphone 134122

40Hz-20KHz 3.5mm/ 6.3mm Connector Coiled, Single Entry, 8ft Cord Length
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Koss QZ/99 Noise Reduction Stereophones

Introducing a new stereophone designed for use in noisy environments: the Quiet Zone/99 Noise Reduction Stereophones. An exte... morension of the Quiet Zone line of noise reduction stereophones, the QZ/99 incorporates passive noise isolation principles to reduce high decibel outside noise. Koss' interest in continuing to provide products for hearing protection lead to the development of the Quiet Zone/99. The QZ/99 combines a high degree of acoustic isolation with audio play-through capability.The rounded ear cups of the Quiet Zone/99 are filled with three layers of foam to keep out loud noise. Ear cushions made of fluid-filled vinyl form a tight seal around the entire ear to prevent noise from seeping through. The metal-core headband contributes to this acoustic seal by holding the ear cups tight to the user's head. The Quiet Zone/99 stereophone feature neodymium magnet structures to deliver a frequency response of 40-20,000 Hz for outstanding clarity and definition. Oxygen-free copper voice coils enhance signal transmission for accurate sound reproduction. The high sensitivity of this stereophone means it can be driven by virtually any portable audio source or radio frequency scanner. A dual volume control on the ear cup provides for convenient level adjustment. The headband is adjustable for a perfect fit and padded with a strip of foam for added comfort. The Quiet Zone/99 is equipped with a 3 foot coiled cord that reaches up to 8 feet when extended and a 3.5mm L-plug to connect to any audio source or radio scanner with a 3.5mm headphone jack.Ideal for reducing the noise of automobile and jet engines, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and other machinery, the Quiet Zone/99 provides exceptional isolation from all types of outside noise, high or mid frequency. With the QZ/99, listeners won't have to strain to hear over the noise or turn the volume up to damaging levels. They make a perfect companion for the race fan or aviation enthusiast who enjoys tuning in to the action via a radio frequency scanner. The QZ/99 are also ideal for use in industrial or commercial environments where hearing important instructions or communications is critical. The Koss Quiet Zone/99 Stereophones are guaranteed for the lifetime of the user under Koss' No-Questions-Asked Lifetime Warranty -- the only warranty of its kind in the stereophone industry.Koss QZ/99 Stereophones Features:Frequency response: 40 - 20,000 HzPassive noise reduction stereophone system isolates listener from ambient soundsIdeal for use with racing scanners and metal detectorsVolume control on earcup for easy level adjustmentStereo / mono switch for added flexibilitySingle entry, 8-foot coiled cord Koss QZ/99 Noise Reduction Stereophones.
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Koss Noise Reduction Headphone 180125
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Koss Qz99 Noise-Can Full-Sz Headphn
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Koss QZ-99 Technology Stereo Headphone - Wired - 60 Ohm - 40 Hz 20 kHz - B
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