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Mats for exercise equipment

Exercise mats

— the rug under the exercise machine allows to protect a floor covering. In this case, between the legs of the simulator and the support there is a mat that prevents scuffs, scratches and punching on the floor. Additionally, the mat for the simulator dampens the vibration loads that appear during classes, that is, the mat acts as vibration and sound insulation. There are both special mats designed for certain types of sports equipment (stepper, exercise bike, etc.), as well as universal products that can be laid under any simulator or equipment. When choosing a rug, you should pay attention to the thickness of the coating. There are rugs with a thickness of 3 to 15 mm and even more. The thicker the mat, the better protection it will provide. Mats under the exercise machine can be made of various materials: rubber, neoprene, polyester.
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