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OTG hubs

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Micro USB (OTG) connection

— microUSB is a smaller, mobile version of the USB standard, which is found in the vast majority of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Usually, all these devices can be connected to a computer in managed mode, which allows you to copy or write information, make a backup copy of data, etc. But devices that support USB On-The-Go (OTG) connections allow the ability to connect in host mode — when peripherals like the same flash drives, external hard drives, etc. are already connected to a smartphone or tablet. In other words, a card reader or USB hub with microUSB support (OTG) can be connected to work with a smartphone or tablet that has USB-host mode.
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Card Reader / USB Hub GOODRAM A020 All-in-One
GOODRAM A020 All-in-One
Type:card reader, USB adapter
Hub connection:USB A и microUSB, 2.0
Card Reader:microSD
Card Reader / USB Hub GoPro Quik Key Micro USB
GoPro Quik Key Micro USB
Type:card reader, USB adapter
Hub connection:microUSB
Card Reader:microSD
Card Reader / USB Hub MANHATTAN imPORT Link
Type:hub with card reader, USB adapter
Hub connection:microUSB, 2.0
Connectors:USB A 1
Card Reader:SD, microSD, MMC
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