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Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 2' RGBWW LED Pixel Bar APM0300A1G

Photos - Studio Lighting Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 2' RGBWW LED Pixel Bar APM0300A1G
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Aputure INFINIBAR PB6 2' RGBWW LED Pixel Bar APM0300A1G
For cinematographers and lighting designers seeking to shape their vision with precision and creativity, the INFINIBAR PB6 2' RGBWW LED Pixel Bar is an indispensable tool. This 2-foot RGBWW LED pixel bar boasts an infinite blending design, intuitive mounting and connecting options, and advanced wireless CRMX connectivity. With its industry-leading pixel density, the INFINIBAR PB6 is designed to create unique, vibrant designs that breathe life into any scene.The INFINIBAR PB6, a rectangular linear LED light, offers seamless end-to-end connection with no visible gaps, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Whether hidden in a scene or used as in-camera practicals on set, this LED pixel bar allows you to create seamless pixelated effects across its 48 RGB pixels. With the help of 10 splicing connectors, you can create a variety of shapes across multiple pixel bars.The INFINIBAR PB6 offers infinite connectivity options. From flat and 3-dimensional shapes like triangles, hexagons, squares, straight lines, to spinning 3-point, 4-point, or 6-point stars, the design and configuration possibilities are limitless. Connect multiple linear pixelated lights with the 10 splicing connectors on the back of each INFINIBAR to meet the needs of your production, and even share AC power across multiple lights.Featuring 48 RGB light engines per foot, the pixel mapping INFINIBAR PB6 has an industry-leading pixel density, second only to the Aputure MT Pro. With access to 7 built-in Pixel FX, you can independently control the 48 pixels via Pixel Control on Sidus Link, or up to 1,024 pixels across multiple lights with Sidus Link's all-new Magic Infinity FX feature. This feature allows you to shape, position, and adjust the length of your light in any way imaginable, giving you over 42 feet of creative lighting control at your fingertips.The INFINIBAR PB6 offers professional controls, including industry-standard LumenRadio CRMX wireless control, allowing industry professionals to control the INFINIBARs and its individual lighting engines from a distance. For more permanent setups and stable connections, the INFINIBARs can also be controlled over wired DMX using the wired Aputure Active USB-C to 5-Pin DMX Adapter.With endless possibilities, the INFINIBAR PB6 is perfect for creating large arrays of lights, building directly into production set pieces, or used in music videos or for product cinematography. Mount the LED bars to ferromagnetic surfaces using the built-in high strength neodymium magnets, or rig them to stands and clamps using the included INFINIBAR Rail and Clamp system or the various 1/4-20in mounting points.The INFINIBAR PB6's RGBWW chipset enables xy, advanced HSI, and white point control between 2,000K to 10,000K with G/M adjustment, maintaining Aputure's benchmark for high-quality color reproduction. With a CRI of 96, TLCI of 98, and Tungsten SSI of 85, the INFINIBAR PB6 ensures accurate colors in your productions.For those seeking an extra touch of
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