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Aputure Amaran P60x 60W Bi-Color LED Soft Light Panel APA0138A10

Photos - Studio Lighting Aputure Amaran P60x 60W Bi-Color LED Soft Light Panel APA0138A10
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Aputure Amaran P60x 60W Bi-Color LED Soft Light Panel APA0138A10
Take your content creation, videography, and indie filmmaking to the next level with the Amaran P60x 60W Bi-Color LED Soft Light Panel. Engineered with an expansive bi-color LED panel, this high-quality lighting tool delivers a powerful light output of over 5,070 lux at 1 meter (5600K), thanks to its 60W bi-color LED chipset and 45-degree optical design. The Amaran P60x offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to fine-tune the color temperature between 3200K-6500K using either the control knobs or the integrated SidusLink App. This feature-rich app also provides access to specialized tools such as Source Match and Custom FX, enabling you to customize your lighting setup to suit your specific shooting requirements. Designed with a focus on color accuracy, the Amaran P60x boasts impressive color rendering scores of CRI >=95 and TLCI >=97, ensuring your shots are always vibrant and true to life. The panel's dual power options add to its flexibility. Use the included AC Power Supply for continuous operation, or opt for two Sony NP-F Style batteries for over an hour of cordless use. When connected to AC Power, the P60x also doubles as a charger for NP-F Style batteries, making it an invaluable multi-tool for busy content creators. The unique design of the P60x allows for the easy attachment of the included collapsible soft box to the four corners of the panel, no tools or screws required. This comes with a 45-degree light control grid that limits spill light and attaches effortlessly using hook-and-loop fabric. Compact, lightweight, and portable, the Amaran P60x is the ideal lighting solution for creators on the go. Its optical design ensures strong output from a medium-sized source, while the included collapsible soft box allows for quick and easy softening of the light. The SidusLink App integration is perfect for those who prefer adjusting settings remotely, freeing up more time to focus on capturing the perfect shot. With the Source Match function, you can effortlessly match the color temperature of your environment, making the Amaran P60x a must-have companion for any shooting style.
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