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Aputure LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit APB0249A33

Photos - Studio Lighting Aputure LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit APB0249A33
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Aputure LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit APB0249A33
It's time to elevate your photography or videography game with the LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit, a durable and high-quality product from the reputable brand, Aputure. This innovative kit is specifically designed to maximize the performance of the Light Storm 1200D Pro, the most luminous light in the Aputure and Light Storm lineup. The LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit is a versatile tool, offering three Bowens Mount Hyper Reflectors with varying beam angles - Narrow, Medium, and Wide. These options allow you to adapt the output and beam angle of the LS 1200D Pro to perfectly suit your shooting scenario. The professional-grade silver interior of the reflectors enhances light reflection, improving the overall quality of your photographs or videos. With the Narrow Hyper Reflector, the LS 1200D Pro can achieve an impressive output of 83,100 lux at a distance of 3 meters. Meanwhile, the Medium Hyper Reflector can deliver an output of 22,400 lux at the same distance. The conical shape of the reflectors ensures optimal diffusion and shaping of light, creating a soft, even spread of illumination that is ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you're a professional photographer or a videography enthusiast, the LS 1200D Pro Reflector Kit is an essential addition to your equipment collection.
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