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Aputure Light Storm LS 300X Beyond Bi-Color LED Light Kit, V-Mount Battery

Photos - Studio Lighting Aputure Light Storm LS 300X Beyond Bi-Color LED Light Kit, V-Mount Battery
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Aputure Light Storm LS 300X Beyond Bi-Color LED Light Kit, V-Mount Battery
Experience the unparalleled versatility and superior quality of the Light Storm LS 300X Beyond Bi-Color LED Light Kit. This innovative lighting solution, designed by Aputure, is the first bi-color Bowens mount light fixture compatible with optical lens modifiers, offering unmatched flexibility from a single fixture. The LS 300X utilizes the latest optical color blending technology and Aputure's dual-color LED chipset, allowing you to adjust the fixture's white light CCT output between 2700K-6500K swiftly and effortlessly. This expanded vari-white CCT range goes beyond traditional bi-color, enabling you to produce light warmer than typical tungsten fixtures and cooler than conventional daylight. This high-quality LED light kit is designed for both professional photographers and videographers, offering a robust design and a high rating of 5.0. With the Fresnel 2X, the LS 300X can produce over 56,000 lux at 1 meter, creating a stunningly bright light, with CCT control always at your fingertips. The LS 300X features a specially designed color-blending optical element in front of its LED light source, combining the bi-color chipset into one cohesive point-source. This innovative technology, combined with the Aputure ecosystem, allows you to achieve bi-color flexibility never before experienced with Aputure products.The LS 300X also incorporates a full 360-degree adjustable handbrake locking yoke and a completely silent, passively-cooled all-in-one control box, integrating the power supply and control system into a single unit. This design ensures the light is built to handle any filmmaking challenge.The LS 300X also offers multiple control methods, including Aputure's 2.4G RF Remote, DMX512, and the Bluetooth Mesh Sidus Link App. With the integration of the Sidus Mesh chipset, you can control up to 100 fixtures from your smartphone or tablet, with each additional light fixture increasing the range of the network. The LS 300X also comes with 9 built-in lighting FX, such as "Paparazzi," "Fireworks," "Lightning," "Faulty Bulb," "TV," "Pulsing," "Strobe," "Explosion," and "Fire," all with adjustable color temperature. This feature opens up new possibilities for precise lighting control on your film sets.The Light Storm LS 300X Beyond Bi-Color LED Light Kit is not just a lighting solution; it's a game-changer for photographers and videographers seeking to elevate their craft. Experience the difference today.
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