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Face recognition terminals

Face recognition

— facial recognition systems are one of the varieties of biometric access systems — along with fingerprint readers (see the relevant paragraph).

All facial recognition systems are based on digital cameras. Initially, such devices were not very accurate: they could be “confusing” by a change in facial hair or makeup, the appearance or disappearance of glasses and other accessories, etc., and individual models could even be deceived with the help of a photograph. However, nowadays, advanced algorithms and high-end cameras are used for face recognition (often with 3D scanners that read not just the appearance, but a three-dimensional model of the face). So now such devices are almost as accurate as fingerprint sensors, and sometimes even surpass them — especially since with frequent use, fingerprint sensors can fail due to contamination, and face recognition cameras work contactlessly. And in light of the epidemic situation in the world, many manufacturers began to provide in their devices the possibility of face recognition in masks and even remote temperature measurement.

Also note that cameras in such devices can also be used for other purposes — for example, for identifying a visitor by a company employee, or for video communication in the intercom format.
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