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Felt tip pens

Felt-tip pen

— the traditional felt-tip pen is a drawing and writing instrument that uses a porous nib on which ink flows. Markers and technical pens work on the same principle (see the relevant paragraphs), but they are separated into a separate category due to the specifics of the application. In this case, mainly traditional multicoloured felt-tip pens are mentioned, intended mainly for children's creativity. They have a relatively small tip thickness and are most often supplied in sets of several felt-tip pens of different colours.

It is worth mentioning such devices as air felt-tip pens, used mainly for fabric. They work on the principle of a spray gun: just blow into a special mouthpiece — and the felt-tip pen will give out a sheaf of coloured splashes. The kit typically comes with stencils that allow you to create accurate drawings; If desired, such a stencil can be made separately.
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