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Godox SL300III 330W Daylight LED Video Light

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox SL300III 330W Daylight LED Video Light
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Godox SL300III 330W Daylight LED Video Light
Discover the power and versatility of the Godox SL300III 330W Daylight LED Video Light, a reliable and durable solution for all your video lighting needs. This high-quality light is part of Godox's continually evolving SL series, designed to offer a more efficient and convenient user experience. The SL300III is equipped with Godox Light App control, providing you with the flexibility to manage complex lighting coordination right at your fingertips. This feature makes it an ideal choice for live streaming, broadcasting, and a wide range of video applications. Experience the incredible output of the SL300III, which delivers an impressive illuminance, particularly when used with the included reflector. Its stepless adjustment from 0% to 100% ensures precise control, allowing you to achieve the exact lighting effect you desire. With a maximum output of 99,300 lux@1m at a color temperature of 5600K, the SL300III is perfect for users seeking intense, daylight-balanced lighting. The SL300III boasts a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97, ensuring high color fidelity. This means it reproduces faithful colors and delivers natural results, significantly reducing your post-production time. For sound-sensitive environments, the SL300III offers a silent mode, allowing you to eliminate noise for a more seamless operation. It also comes with built-in cinematic FX effects, simulating various lighting scenarios to enhance your creative possibilities. The SL300III's design includes a rotatable U-shaped yoke for excellent flexibility. Compatible with most light stands, you can easily set the lights at any angle to meet your specific setup requirements. Finally, the SL300III is equipped with a Bowens mount, making it widely compatible with a versatile system of modifiers. This opens up a world of possibilities for creators, allowing you to explore and experiment with different lighting effects. Discover the difference with the Godox SL300III 330W Daylight LED Video Light.
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