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Godox ML30 30W Dainty LED light

Photos - Studio Lighting Godox ML30 30W Dainty LED light
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Godox ML30 30W Dainty LED light
Godox Dainty LED Light ML30 A bit of light can make all the difference in your shot. Taking with a light that can nearly go everywhere, you are free to create fascinating works at all times. ML30 and ML30Bi are the smallest COB lights in Godox lighting range, just like a portable flashlight on call at any minutes! Wherever you are, you can instantly use them to back up the lighting, power your work with minimal space taking. What surprises most is the completeness and versatility that comes with accessories system, including Diffusion Dome, Soft Tent, Softbox, offering various light effects to inspire more. Explore lots of fun in your filming journey with ML30 and ML30Bi!
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