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Bromic Heating Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat - Natural Gas Infra

Photos - Patio Heater Bromic Heating Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat  - Natural Gas Infra
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from $874.00 
Bromic Heating Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Patio Heater - Natural Gas Infra
from $874.00 
Bromic Heating Tungsten 300 Smart-Heat 20-Inch 26,000 BTU Natural Gas Patio Heater - BH0210001. BH0210001-1 + BH8080001-1. Ceiling & Wall Mounted Outdoor Heaters. Bromic Heating leads the market in supplying your outdoor patio with radiant heaters that demonstrate outstanding performance and unbeatable quality. The Tungsten 300 patio heater stands out against standard patio heaters since it is able to evenly distribute 26,000 BTUs of heat while effectively resisting winds up to 8mph and heat areas up to 160 square feet. Single switch, electronic ignition gives you control over one or multiple gas heating units, making it possible to heat your entire patio with one device. If the automatic re-ignition fails to restore an extinguished flame, the integrated flame failure safety shut-off control will turn the heater off immediately. The bi-directional pivot arm features 25 degree rotation on each side, allowing you to easily adjust the flow of heat for better, custom directional heating. The Tungsten 300 Smart-Heat natural gas patio heater can be wall or ceiling-mounted and wired into smart system controls to fit custom heating preferences. The universal bracket allows you to easily upgrade from 300 to 500 series heaters without any additional wiring. Bromic Heating Tungsten gas heaters are perfect for both commercial and residential installations. The heater has a brushed stainless steel finish casing for protection against dirt buildup and tampering.
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