Honey-Can-Do 58L Rectangular Step Trash Can

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Honey-Can-Do 58L Rectangular Step Trash Can
If you live in a house where the fridge just can’t seem to be kept stocked because of a bunch of growing bodies and hungry mouths, then this stainless steel trash can might be for you. With a 58-liter capacity, it’s one of the largest trash cans in our collection, which can cut down on the number of times you need to empty the trash. And even though trash will be taken out less frequently, a soft-close lid makes sure any unpleasant sights or smells stay under wraps. That same lid operates with a contactless step pedal, keeping hands free from germs and free from having to juggle the lid plus a full cutting board’s worth of vegetable peels for the evening’s dinner. When trash day does come, a removable plastic liner bucket prevents a calamitous spill that might ensue from a tear in the flimsy plastic waste bag.
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